Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Just watched Blair defending his record on TV. What a ghastly man. He still justifies his invasion of Iraq with the same old lies and evasions. On his domestic record his main regret is the Freedom of Information Act - one of the best thing his government did!He even claims 'credit' for the boom that led to the bust of 2008.

And now he is ready to support a military attack on Iran. Not a word of criticism of Israel's occupation and building of settlements, still less of Israel's nukes. He thinks it is the job of Britain and America to reform Muslim societies. He seems totally unaware of the history of British colonialism in the Middle East.

I hope nobody will buy his book, apart from political analysts and commentators who need to. Read a library copy if you must. He earns hundreds of thousands a year for jobs he shouldn't have - most notably 'Peace Envoy to the Middle East'. He doesn't deserve another penny.

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