Thursday, 25 October 2012


Haaretz has just published the results of a survey of attitudes to Palestinians. Of the 503 Jewish Israelis interviewed, 58% consider that their country practises apartheid towards Palestinians, and nearly half would like still more of it. Nobody should be surprised; Zionism is based on the idea of a Jewish state, so non-Jews cannot properly be part of it. For immigration purposes, a Jew is anybody who satisfies the Nazi criteria, in other words it is a racial, not a religious definition. So the UN was quite right in 1975 to adopt resolution 3379, determining that "Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination". The resolution was retracted in 1991 as part of the phony "Peace Process", which has given Israel another 21 years to cement its hold on the West Bank and East Jerusalem and to turn Gaza into what David Cameron has called "an open-air prison camp". It is time to reinstate the UN resolution and to apply sanctions to Israel. But will most Americans ever accept that? I believe that what holds them back is their fear of accusations of being anti-Semites: "Hey, you guys, we don't hate Jews; look, our best friends are Israelis! And our best friends' enemies are our enemies." But how can the Religious Right, the inhabitants of Jesus-land, not have inherited the medieval hatred of the people who "killed their Saviour"?

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