Friday, 23 November 2012

I can't get those Israeli submarines out of my mind. They must periodically need repair and maintenance and re-provisioning. It obviously can't be at an above-water harbour. Have they dug out a huge under-water facility on the Israeli coast? Or do they have an agreement with the US to use American facilities? That would be collusion in potential mass murder of the most terrible kind. Against such an enemy violent resistance is worse than useless; it gives Israel an excuse to claim that they are retaliating in self-defence. There is well organized passive resistance on a large scale on the West Bank and in Jerusalem, but it is the idiots who let off rockets from Gaza who get all the publicity. Until Western governments see sense, all that we outsiders can do for the Palestinians is to work with the non-violent resistance: publicize them, demonstrate for them, send them money, visit them...

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