Friday, 15 February 2013

Back to the 1930s?

I was not born until the end of the 1930s, but from what I have read of that dark decade, the present is remarkably like it. Not only are we five years into the most depressed economic times since then, but the coalition government seems bent on destroying the great achievements of the post-war Labour Government. A recent cover of Money Week carried the cover story: 'Profit from the education boom', and now we learn that 'The full extent of Michael Gove's plans to revolutionise education are revealed today in a secret memo showing he is considering outright privatisation of academies and free schools.' At the same time, the Health Minister, Jeremy Hunt (Murdoch's great friend), is working to bring more private companies into health care. If shareholders are to profit from health and education it can only be by making them more expensive to the taxpayer or the 'customers'. I was educated in the 1950s, and I know that the products of State schools were every bit as well taught as anybody from public schools, and the NHS worked better then than it does now, at least in the quality of nursing. These services had not yet been taken over by tier upon tier of administrators and accountants. Of course we don't have what the 30s had - Adolf Hitler; but David Cameron is determined to build up the Al-Qaeda bogeyman into a threat worthy of a decades-long war.

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