Wednesday, 29 October 2008


I had never heard of Russell Brand, and I hope I shall never hear of him again. I vaguely knew the name Jonathan Ross, without ever having watched of listened to him. But now everyone is condemning them (except the under-20s, who apparently think it's OK to leave disgusting messages on someone's answerphone). All they did was to join in the national sport of public humiliation. No programme of 'reality TV', no game show is complete without the judges (celebrities of course) insulting the participants, one or two of whom are then voted off - preferably to give a tearful interview afterwards. People don't win by winning; they win by not losing. I suppose it's the modern equivalent of throwing Christians to the lions - or throwing bulls to the Christians - but it seems rather nasty that people want to see others being humiliated. Or have I missed the point about human nature?

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