Sunday, 2 November 2008


Am I being too suspicious, or is it just coincidence that American raids in Syria and Pakistan happened a week before the election? The message is after all that Al-Qaeda is still busy out there, so let's have a fighter for President. To suggest that Syria harbours jihadists is particularly bizarre: the regime is the last secular state in the Middle East, and the Shia background of its leaders make it doubly unlikely that they would be friendly with the fiercely anti-Shia al-Qaeda.

Sunni-Shia, Tutsi-Hutu, Israeli-Palestinian, Turk-Armenian... What happened to the idea that we are all human, that we all want peace and prosperity for ourselves and our families, and that the way to understand each other is to sit down and talk together? Perhaps nationalism is the greatest enemy: the notion that our people are special and need to barricade ourselves into our own territory and enrich ourselves at the expense of other nations.

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