Wednesday, 10 February 2010

I keep getting requests from people to be their LINKEDIN contact. I don't have the heart to refuse, but it strikes me as a completely parasitic network, a bit like a chain-letter or a faceless Facebook. I suppose it plays on people's insecurity and their need to show what important friends they have - but in that case why should I get asked? I have no influence, no contacts in high places and - thank goodness - hardly anyone knows of my existence.

The desire for fame is a deeply rooted thing, going back millions of years into our primate ancestry. The alpha males produced the most offspring and the alpha females gave their status to their sons and daughters, so the craving for attention got passed on. I felt it myself until 1989, when I decided I wanted to be obscure, but by then I had five children.

However, I think I'll start a website. I have too many unpublished things, and that would be an easy way to publish them. I already have this blog, but it has mainly been for ephemera, and I don't get much feedback.

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