Saturday, 27 February 2010

Poor Mr Brown

He can't get anything right. First he spells a soldier's name wrong. Now a Tory group finds that somebody in his office complained of being bullied (back in the Blair-Prescott days, it seems). They can't make their attacks trivial enough because they dare not mention the main charge: that for ten years he managed the economy on the same basis as the chancellors of the Thatcher-Major years, that he sunk our best chance of joining the euro, and that he agreed to spend large quantities of taxpayers' money on Tiny Blair's wars.

Thirty years ago, Mrs T. decided to let British manufacturing go and to rely on the brokers and bankers and bookies of the City of London to pay for our imports, and it has gone on ever since, through three recessions. Now that those nice bankers have let us down again, we have built up huge debts in order to help them get back to 'normal'.

Now the cuts in public spending are due, but they mustn't hurt before the election! Guess where they will come: in education, health, care for our environment - not in military spending or prestige projects (must look good for theOlympics!); and taxes will not increase for the wealthy (mustn't scare them away!) nor on aviation fuel. How much longer will people go on tolerating this system?

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