Friday, 14 September 2012


As soon as news came of the killing of the Ambassador, Obama ordered two warships to move to Libya (into territorial waters?!)and demanded that the killers be brought to justice. But what about the idiots who made an inflammatory anti-Islamic film and put a clip on YouTube? And who dubbed it into Arabic? Is there no law against hate-speech or incitement to violence in California? The people responsible should be brought to justice too. Or would that be too displeasing to Romney and Ryan? The next few weeks will be an anxious time in America and in the world. Romney comes across as a fool who would shoot first and ask later, and Ryan is a disciple of the abominable Ayn Rand. How he squares Catholicism with her gospel of egoism is a great mystery, but he probably believes in the Prosperity Gospel - the doctrine that God's elect are marked by their wealth. The greatest anxiety is over Iran. Will Netanyahu hold off his project of bombing Iranian nuclear facilities? Perhaps it depends on who he thinks will win the presidential election. He probably fears that if it is Obama the opportunity will have been lost, in which case he might be tempted to unleash the demons before it is too late. But the catastrophic consequences could change the election anyway. A ray of hope: Sami Michael might be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature next month. He is the voice of sanity, an Iraqi Israeli who calls for equality and respect between the peoples of the once-Holy Land - European and Oriental Jews, ultra-Orthodox and secular Jews, Jews, Muslims Christians and Bahais, Israelis and Palestinians. It's the only way.

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