Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Tiptoe out

The latest 'green-on-blue' killing of NATO troops by their supposed allies in the Afghan security forces should convince everybody that the West's war in Afghanistan is lost. The only question is how to get out as quickly as possible. I think the answer is on tiptoe. No deadline, no noise: just remove troops quietly before there are blue-on-green revenge killings to make things worse. And start with the little English prince! And this should be the beginning of general disengagement from the Muslim world. We should stop all arms sales, stop supporting 'friendly' dictators, stop aiding insurgents, stop sending helicopter gunships or drones against suspected terrorists. They should be left to sort out their own problems in their own way. We have been trying to control Muslim populations for hundreds of years, especially since their fossil fuel reserves were discovered. We have tried to force them to sell us oil and gas on our terms, but even that has not worked since OPEC was created. In the end, any savings we ever made were long since cancelled out by the immense expense in warfare that the policy engendered. Will any of this happen? Probably not, as long as America maintains its imperial mentality, but that rests on the hegemony of the dollar. Sooner or later, the decline of the American economy will bring about a dollar crisis and a new international monetary system. That may be not so far into the future.

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