Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Same-sex marriage

Was any policy ever introduced with less basis of information? We do not even have agreed statistics about how many people it is aimed at. Activists claim that 10% of people are homosexual, but the biggest survey ever conducted found about 1% (Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, Johnson, Wadsworth, Wellings and Field, 1994). We know this study was important, because Margaret Thatcher blocked public funding for it. Thousands of anonymous interviews were conducted with a randomized sample of people. We do not know, either, how many homosexuals want the straitjacket of marriage - or is it all about the glamour of having a wedding? How many have taken advantage of the possibility of civil partnerships, and what proportion of partnerships have broken down? It is difficult not to feel that this is a desperate move by Cameron to make himself look 'progressive' (Some hope! Progressive taxation would help a lot more). Meanwhile, what about the people who want to live as threesomes or more? Christians consider marriage to be a sacrament between two people, but Muslims see it as a contract, and the Koran allows a man up to four wives; when will they cease to be discriminated against? And before you protest that polygamy is unfair to women, consider the fact that a Muslim co-wife has rights; a mistress in Western society has none.

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  1. Interesting thoughts, I personally see marriage as a religious commitment before the eyes of an all seeing lord of life the universe and everything. For non believers of such a lord there is the wholly unromantic civil contract or nothing else. Perhaps there should be a sub category of commitment rituals, a cocktail of what ever your beliefs are. After all it's all down to the individuals interpretation of marriage that counts..